Early Childhood Music

Early Childhood Music Programs


babymusic.jpgMusical Munchkins

45 minute class with caregiver. Child and adult will build closer relationships by using music. Focusing on listening, and movement through use of singing to simple folk songs or classical music and age appropriate percussion instruments and props. Ages 6 months to 17 months.




baymar.jpgSinging Sprouts

45 minute class with caregiver. Sharing international folk song with adult along with peer interaction. Focusing on singing, movement, and explorations of sounds with age appropriated percussion instruments. Continuing to develop co-ordination and preparation for further music studies. Ages 18 months to 3 years.




3child.jpgMini Maestros

45 minute class, child only. Child will independently develop more advanced musical skills utilizing story telling, singing and creative movement aided by the use of props such as scarves, hoops, etc. and a variety of small percussion instruments. Ages 3-4




lizAll classes are taught by Elizabeth Acosta. She has 18 years of experience as an early child music instructor.

Class are taught at our McComas location, located at 2100 McComas Way, VA Beach, 23456.

All classes are 6 week programs and are held once a week for 45 minutes. Only $119 per child for each course.

Call 757-563-9001 or stop by our Red Mill location to sign-up.